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Physicians and medical personnel can understand the effects of hair loss in most cases better than the patient. They experience first hand how these diagnoses alter the lives of individuals and their families, not just on a physical level, but a mental level as well. Having to deliver harsh diagnosis like cancer, or no-cure diagnosis like hereditary alopecia is one thing but imagine being able to present an alternative that could help alleviate some of the stressors that come with the illnesses.

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People seeking high-quality services or products would like to support small businesses but they primarily look to big-name corporations for solutions. It isn’t always evident that larger corporations outsource some of their provided services and products from smaller companies who meet their standards. As a Partner, Pink and Pouty Medical Wigs would be a trusted source available to your organization for services surrounding all things beauty, to the standards of medical institutions and HIPAA laws and regulations.We believe together we can offer life changing solutions by providing above standard options to those who need it and us most.



Why Pink & Pouty?

Pink and Pouty Medical Wigs provide beautiful custom wigs for people with hair loss due to illnesses for which there is currently no cure. Our wigs help individuals undergoing cancer treatments look and feel beautiful again, lifting their confidence and restoring their sense of beauty. It's not just about the hair; It's beyond wigs!

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