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Meet the Owner


Welcome to Pink and Pouty Medical Wigs where our #1 priority is to empower individuals by providing customized options to address hair loss.


Our mission is to help maintain dignity, confidence and self-esteem to those affected by medically related hair loss.


The mission and vision for Pink and Pouty was birthed by Shannon Foxworth Williams, from the desire to provide an alternative treatment option to individuals living with hair loss. Shannon’s career as a licensed cosmetologist and professional wig maker spans over 2 decades and includes serving as a professional makeup artist with brow enhancement, a bespoke cosmetic and medical wig provider, and philanthropist. She understands that not all hair loss is reversible or curable and the significance of providing a custom hair unit to address the physical and emotional concerns associated with hair loss.


Shannon’s niche is developing natural looking hair units that are easy to install and maintain. Pink and Pouty's units take into consideration the special needs of individuals affected by conditions such as alopecia, cancer related hair loss, thyroid insufficiency, and other medical conditions that cause hair loss. Through continuing education and partnering with medical professionals to stay abreast of best practices in managing hair loss, each of our units is constructed and customized with materials that are hypoallergenic and protective to prevent further irritation to the scalp.


Shannon’s passion for wig making is evident in her community activism. She volunteers with organizations that support research and advancement of hair loss therapies, provides community education to individuals and organizations, and donates wigs to individuals in need.


Pink and Pouty’s goal is to live out the company mission in every interaction, on an individual and community level.

Owner, Pink and Pouty Medical Wigs

Pink Blossom
Shannon Foxworth Williams
Pink Blossom

Goldman Sachs |One Million Black Women: Black in Business C0hurt #3

At our custom wig business, we are proud of our accomplishments. We are especially proud to have graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. This program not only taught us how to run a successful business, but it also gave us the tools to elevate our business to the next level. We are now better equipped to make smart decisions, network with other businesses and create new strategies for success. We are excited to see where this new knowledge takes us and how it will help our business grow.

Shannon pictured at graduation 

Black in Business
May 11, 2023 Graduation

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